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How We Work

SF Value

The value we deliver to our clients is driven by 5 core tenets:

1. Integrated Planning

  • We help save clients time and money by putting all major planning elements under one roof:
    • Risk management
    • Wealth management
    • Tax strategies
    • Estate and legacy planning, and
    • Retirement income distribution planning
  • We use a coordinated approach to ensure that planning elements are aligned and synergistic
  • We don’t just create a plan that sits on a shelf, we guide clients through implementation as well

2. World Class Strategies

  • We have access to Industry leading products and tax-efficient savings strategies
  • Our award winning team is capable of tailoring plans for the most complex financial situations

3. Platinum Level Service

  • Highly responsive
  • Accurate and thorough
  • Strong team oriented to exceeding expectations

4. Goal Focused Processes

  • We develop a keen, personal understanding of each client's financial goals
  • We tailor plans for each client as life changes course
  • Regular reviews hold us accountable for achieving success as a team (Advisor & Client)

5. Relationship Focused Approach

  • We view true understanding of our clients’ values, motivations, and sensitivities as critical to the planning process
  • We are committed to earning our clients’ trust and confidence
  • We are deeply motivated to help our clients to live lives free of financial stress and achieve their financial goals
  • Achieving the highest level of client satisfaction is the only way we have grown